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Hearing aid provision in adults


In Germany, about 14 million people suffer from hearing problems. Especially older persons frequently exhibit hearing loss and communication problems as a consequence. Despite the large progress in hearing technology within the last decade, hearing aid provision is quantitatively insufficient, since many who might benefit from hearing instruments do not use these.


The focus of our research is the identification of key factors relevant to hearing aid provision. We aim at determining mechanisms that either support or hamper hearing aid uptake as well as at describing models that allow for a prediction of hearing aid use. It is assumed that a deeper understanding of the effects relevant to hearing aid usage will help to improve hearing aid provision and rehabilitation services in general.


With respect to the latter, not only technological issues, but also educational aspects, are relevant. For example, counselling and auditory training might help to support hearing aid use. Another approach is cognitive training, since we know that cognitive capacity, speech understanding and hearing technology are linked a specific training of working memory or attention might be beneficial. 



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